From AUD $335.00
  • Duration: 30 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: West Sale, Victoria
  • Product code: AWF-15

Warbird Aerobatic Flights are high speed, high G-force combat style flight experience unlike any other in the civilian world but only if you want it to be. You control what the pilot does!

Our group of highly experienced airline, aerobatic and RAAF pilots have thousands of hours of aerobatic experience between them and with over 4,000 aerobatic flights completed we enjoy an impeccable safety record.

Our aerobatic warbird flights are fully customisable to you - we start off the manoeuvres gently and work our way up increasing in G force and difficulty as we go. You are in constant communication with the pilot who will be talking you through all the manoeuvres. Combat Flights Gippsland Flights can be from mild to wild, it’s absolutely up to you.

Conducted at West Sale or Moorabbin airports.


Arrive at airport 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

You will meet your pilot, do some paperwork and get a pre-flight briefing.

You are then escorted out onto the tarmac where you will be given the cockpit safety brief and then harnessed into the aircraft and then don your WWII leather headset and goggles.

The gates are closed and the 9-cylinder supercharged radial engine is primed for start…